Gimme a Serbelloni and Stampach on Rye..

My first 10mm SYW cavalry figures have rolled off the table!  I opted to start out with the Curassiers as they have a fairly simple paint scheme. I originally planned to get 9 figures on a stand, but really couldn't wedge them on.  Thus I am settling on doing regiments of 16 figures or about 3-4 figures per squadron.

I didn't try to differentiate regiments too much, as the scale is too small to do a credible job on the edging for the horse-blankets.  Instead I just printed out some tiny copies of the Serbelloni and Stampach regiment standards from Kronoskaf and called it good.

10mm Austrian Thunder

Fermor 18mm Russian Command, click here

Kargopolskiy Horse Grenadiers

1st Grenadiers report for duty

3rd Observation Corps Musketeers

1st Observation Corps Musketeers

Fortune Favors the Big Battalions Part II

Fortune favors the big battalions.....

Union Infantry in Greatcoats

10mm Austrian Reinforcements

Operational Design in Wargames Maul-Witz Part II - The AAR