Project Planning - Zorndorf 2018

...the 260th Anniversary of Zorndorf is in AUG 2018. Perhaps that could be a goal for your Russian build-up?  
Jon sent me the preceding suggestion earlier this week, and with such suggestions are armies forged and plans brought into focus...  I started working on this 18mm Russian force as a supplement to Jon's much more robust Prussian and Austrian collections.  The problem with adding another open ended collection is that it tends to be lost over time in the morass of all the other time periods and collections I find interesting and engaging.  Now, however, I have I a goal to work towards.  But can I attain it?

The Battle

The Battle of Zorndorf occurred on August 25th, 1758 between a Russian force of around 43,000 under Count Fermor versus a Prussian Force of around 36,000 under Frederick the Great.  King Frederick managed to get behind the Russian defensive position north of Zorndorf and was placed between the Russians and their Supply depot.  He decided to attempt the same ob…

Red Tide Warning

Send in the Cavalry

Yari(?) Thursday

Let's get this (naval landing) party started!

Teppo Tuesday

The Boys from Pskov

Red Storm Rising 1757

Der Alte Fritz

Prussian Reinforcements

IR. 1 Winterfeldt is coming...

Yet another project: My entry into the Age of Reason

Dog Faces II